A Word from Our Director

Maria Montessori has been quoted as saying “Play is a child’s work.” I am so inspired by Dr. Montessori’s life’s work and teachings. I find it funny that I feel just the opposite, my work is so enjoyable that it feels like play!

Breathing life into this new curriculum here at Center Stage Academy has been challenging and super rewarding.  I have been given the opportunity to bring together my three loves…Teaching, Theater, and Culture.

Our curriculum is cutting-edge, we have a Montessori approach with a theater push driven by cultural understanding and acceptance. I can’t think of a better way to start children out on the right foot.

The Montessori approach teaches the children that they are a valuable citizens within their environment.  The Theater Push through drama games and activities gives the children a voice and the courage to communicate what they’re feeling about themselves and the world around them. One of our main goals is to empower children! Center Stage wants to show the children that they always have a voice and a choice.

With the Cultural Understanding and Acceptance piece, the children are introduced to how the citizens of other countries live,work, and play. It is so exciting it see just how different but also how alike we all are no matter where we live.

Center Stage Academy could be your child’s passport to their fabulous future!


Watch Your Child Take Center Stage In Their Learning