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Montessori Preschool in Ashburn

“Little Hearts at Play”

Center Stage Preschool is a Montessori-inspired preschool with a special focus on fine arts, performing arts, and global awareness. Our core belief, based on research, is that children between 2  and 7 years of age are going through an adsorbent phase within their development. During this phase of growth, children can absorb their environment and are capable of learning without conscious effort.

Our program consists of developmental activities to foster your child’s Social, Emotional, Physical, Psychological, and Academic growth within an atmosphere of acceptance, encouragement, and exploration. Our environment has been created with your individual child's development in mind.

At Center Stage, we believe:

  • Children are natural learners
  • Children learn through their senses
  • Children need the freedom to explore
  • Children are highly influenced by their environment
  • Children learn by observing others.

Montessori Preschool in Ashburn

Center Stage Preschool protects your child's right to learn and explore at their own pace. To shield the children from undue pressure, there are no grades and no tests. At Center Stage, we document daily observations and development to provide parents with updated and specific information regarding their child’s development and progress in multiple fields.

Knowing that freedom to explore is one of our core beliefs, we have set up our classrooms to be child-sized in every way. Everything in our classroom is child-accessible, from toys to tables and chairs. The classrooms and environment help children feel safe and inspire them to explore their surroundings in carefree ways.

In short, we seek to cultivate socially oriented, imaginative children, busy with self-chosen, uninterrupted tasks.

Ashburn preschool classroom

Open floor plans and classrooms build your child up!

  • Self-esteem
  • Respect for Self & Others
  • Curiosity & Imagination
  • Social Skills & Problem Solving
  • Independence & Sustainability
  • Coordination & Concentration Skills
  • Observation Skills

    Montessori Curriculum in Ashburn

    At Center Stage, we believe learning should be fun! Teachers at Center Stage Preschool facilitate learning and are always ready to encourage and guide without hindering a child's natural ability to learn.

    Our teachers seek to guide, not control. In our prepared environment, your child will be free to:

    • Explore
    • Create
    • Problem-solve
    • Make choices
    • Be productive
    • Choose to work alone or in a group
    • Learn within their own individual zone of proximal development

    Our core values are:

    • Teachers are guides
    • Open classes
    • Mixed-age classrooms
    • Freedom to explore
    • Learning at your own pace
    • Simple, organized classrooms
    • Opportunities to experience an environment where dramatic play, dance, song, poetry, and fine arts are encouraged

    ashburn preschool teacher

    At Center Stage Preschool, we “let the children play!"

    Preschool Information

    Year at a Glance

    Center Stage is closed on New Year’s Eve & Day, Easter weekend, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Weekend, and Christmas Break. Center Stage also closes between school sessions to restock classrooms and change décor. Scheduled closings are communicated at the beginning of each school year.

    Parental Involvement

    Center Stage welcomes parental involvement in a variety of ways and offers many volunteer opportunities to have fun and connect with the children. Parents may volunteer for lunch and other special activities in the scheduled curriculum. Center Stage seeks to enlighten our children by exposing them to different and unique cultures through art, language, food, and history. We welcome parents to volunteer if they are willing to have a background check before participating with other children. We ask that parents keep their contact information updated and correct.

    Open Door Policy

    Center Stage Preschool maintains an open-door policy in which parents are allowed access to their children always and are welcome to enter the facility at all times.   However, anyone deemed a threat/destructive to a child/the program will be asked to leave. Non-custodial parents can be denied access if there is a court order that gives the custodial parent permission to deny access.

    Dress Code

    At Center Stage, we believe the classroom extends to the outdoors. We take the children outside to explore our playground and play area as much as possible, and safety is of the utmost importance. For this reason, we ask that your children dress appropriately for the weather and wear closed-toe shoes while at the preschool. Upon the first day of enrollment, we ask that you provide an extra change of clothing for your child to keep in their cubby in case of accidents. Clothing must be in a zip-lock bag, with their name labeled on it.

    Daily Preschool Schedule

    We offer a variety of daily activities that vary greatly day to day at Center Stage. This is a basic overview of Center Stage Preschool's daily schedule.
    • 7:00 am Open Centers and child-directed play
    • 9:00 am Transition into circle time
    • 9:30 am First block morning core curriculum
    • 10:30 am Snack
    • 11:00 am Second block morning core curriculum
    • 11:30 am Outdoor child-led play
    • 12:15 pm Staff & children partake in family-style dining for lunch
    • 12:45 pm Recharge block: children & staff prepare for nap time
    • 1:00 pm Rest and recharge
    • 3:00 pm Afternoon snack
    • 3:30 pm Afternoon core curriculum
    • 4:30 pm Outdoor child-led play
    • 5:00 pm Open  centers and child-directed play during pick-up

    Drop Off & Pick Up

    Full-day programs run from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm. After 6 pm children partake in quiet time or outdoor play. Pick up for full-day programs as late as 6:30 pm.

    AM half-day programs run from 8:30 am to 11:50 am, with drop-off as early as 7:00 am.

    Center Stage Enrollment

    Center Stage Preschool has no entrance exam; however, we require that children be toilet trained prior to their first day. After acquiring our registration and medical forms in-person, please fill them out and return them to Center Stage Preschool. A four-week written notice required to stop automatic payment should you choose to withdraw your child from Center Stage. The four weeks will be paid in full, regardless of whether the child is in attendance.

    To create the best learning environment possible for your child, we ask that you discuss any educational, social, or developmental concerns about our program prior to the child’s first day of enrollment with us.

    Anyone who terminates daycare and has a balance that is outstanding will need to have the account settled within 30 days. All accounts not settled within 30 days will be turned over to a collections agency regardless of amount owed. All accounts turned over to collections will have a $20 per week late fee plus 35% collections fee added to amount due.

    Parent Communication

    Communication between home and school is vital to a successful preschool program. Monthly newsletters and weekly activity and lunch plans are sent in advance via email to parents and are always posted in the classroom. For non-emergency information, CSA communicates with parents by phone, email, and here on the website.

    Preschool in Ashburn

    Staff Training & Development

    Training & Development

    Our highly qualified and screened teachers and staff meet all requirements and regulations set by the Virginia Department of Social Services’ Standards for Licensed Child Day Centers. (Staff Qualifications and Training; Part III; 22 VAC 40-185-180).

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    Preschool in Ashburn

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