Our Ashburn Montessori Preschool Classes Work!

Some of our wonderful Center Stage teachers!
Main room with open floor plan.
Our Main room with the Montessori approach open floor plan.

A Snapshot of What Our Day Looks Like!

What is happening in the world of Center Stage Preschool? How do our preschool classes work when someone is ready to get started? Just because our Montessori-approached preschool has begun, doesn’t mean we aren’t accepting students!

We wanted to give you a quick snapshot on what’s happening in the world of Center Stage.

From our students’ perspective right now, they are getting to know each other. They are getting acquainted with all the teachers. They are learning their routines, and they are getting acclimated to a whole new environment.

Teacher Assessment!

When our new students come in, they will do a one-on-one assessment with their teacher. Whether it’s from the beginning of the school year or if you get them started now. The teacher assessment helps the teacher know where the student is academically and what kind of benchmarks the child has reached. Once that happens the teacher creates a written plan and they present it to each parent to show where their child currently is academically.  We then partner with the parent and create an strategic plan of what curriculum we will be presenting to the child over the next year.

Ashburn Montessori Preschool
Ashburn Montessori Preschool

Meet Your Child Where He/She Is!

Another great thing about Center Stage is, if your four-year old child is performing academically at a four-year old level, we don’t just put the them in a three year old class. We meet the child where she or he is and help them grow from there academically.

Our mixed age group approach is great because the student might be performing at a higher level and child gets to learn and be challenged, yet still be at the same social age level with his or her friends.

So if you are interested in coming in and finding out more about Center Stage Preschool give us a call! Come take a tour and find out if Center Stage is right for your family.  For more information visit our website and follow us on Facebook for daily updates!

If you liked the room where this video was filmed, you can read more about our library here, and how the children benefit from the setup!


Watch Your Child Take Center Stage In Their Learning