Taking Care of Our Environment!

Three Main Areas of Practical Life

Getting mulch for the tree that they just planted.
Getting mulch for the tree that they just planted.


  1. The care of the self: dressing, brushing teeth, cooking, and so on.
  2. Grace and courtesy and concern for others: moving gracefully, using good manners, offering food, saying “please” and “thank you,” etc.
  3. Care of the environment: dusting, sweeping, washing, gardening.

“All the activities connected with looking after yourself and your surroundings, such as getting dressed, preparing food, laying the table, wiping the floor, clearing dishes, doing the dusting, etc., are activities belonging to what Dr. Montessori called ‘Practical Life,’ and are precisely the tasks that adults like least. But between the ages of one and four years, children love these jobs and are delighted to be called on to participate in them.” —Dr. Silvana Montanaro, MD and Montessori Teacher Trainer

Watering the plants
Watering the plants

Practical Life at Our Ashburn Preschool!

At Center Stage we learn how to take care the environment, it is a very important part of our Practical Life curriculum. Math, reading, and language all require one to have the ability to focus. To be able to complete a task with logical and sequential steps, to concentrate, to make intelligent choices, and to see a task from start to finish. This is precisely the intent of the Practical Life activities. Through the Practical Life class, children learn to calmly go about their work and to take pleasure and satisfaction from their efforts.

At our Ashburn preschool we have placed plants all over the center, inside and outside. The children will learn how to water the plants, how to care for them, and how to dust them off.  The children learn how to play an important part of our little preschool community. Later in the year we will grow our own vegetables. Learn more about our Practical life classes.

Do you want your child to learn how to do a task, and see it through from start to end? Learning by exploring and experience new things everyday! We want to make a difference in the way your child experience school! If you are interested in getting started in Center Stage or taking a tour, click on the link here, and schedule a time to come in! Center Stage…preschool classes in Ashburn that are making a difference for parents! Visit our Facebook page to see what we are up to!


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