Ashburn Preschool Ratings: Fantastic or Just Adequate? 5 Ways to Tell.

Your search for the best preschool for your child can take you on a serious ride through ratings and reviews that can easily leave your head spinning. When it comes to Ashburn preschool ratings, what is real and what should be ignored? Keep reading to unlock the secret code. (Just kidding, there’s no code, but we hope this can shed some light on your search.)

As a parent, you want the best for your child. In order to deliver the best, there’s a large amount of research that goes into every decision that impacts your child’s life. Preschool is one of the biggest decisions that impact your young child’s life, and it’s no surprise that it ranks as one of the top stress-inducing decisions that parents make. Parents have the choice of private preschools, advanced Pre-K programs, government-funded local and state-run child care centers, and other low-cost options that may be available based on family income and availability. You may also be considering things like preschools with cameras or ones with certain learning styles. 

So how does one decide? Here are a few ways to wade through the seemingly endless amount of ratings and decision-making influences.

How to Evaluate Ashburn Preschool Ratings:

1. Not all Google Listings are Created Equal

Have you ever noticed that some preschools and educational institutions have ratings, and others don’t? That’s because Google disabled reviews for educational groups over 2 years ago. Doesn’t seem fair, does it? Well, it’s true. Here is what Google support told Center Stage Preschool when we asked why none of our reviews were showing up:

“We apologize for the inconvenience as Google has removed the review feature for all educational institutions/schools across US. Hence we would not be able to reinstate the old reviews nor the new reviews shall show up on the listing.”

Remember this when looking at Google reviews, and take a look at Facebook reviews instead! Here are dozens of recommendations for Center Stage on our Facebook profile, and here are some testimonies from parents here!

2. Check out your state’s QRIS preschool ratings.

Knowing how to decipher the rating system is a big first step in researching preschool ratings. Did you know that not all ratings are the same, or even close to being the same?

To help parents better understand the rating system across the board, many states offer a QRIS system. This is a general term that helps parents use the same standards to evaluate their choices. The name will vary across states, but a quick Google search can help you find out how to search in your state. 

Virginia has their own QRIS system, Virginia Quality, in which child care providers are able to earn a rating by meeting certain standards. You can visit their website to find resources for choosing a quality child care environment. The site allows you to narrow the search for providers by using a variety of filters, so you can easily find what Virginia offers.

3. Take a look at who is funding/posting the ratings.

With the ease of the internet, it’s easier than ever to connect with an online audience, and it’s no surprise that for-profit locations will look to self-promote. Reputable child care centers will likely have their own website and will post their own articles and lists where they may personally rank schools based on more limited research and statistics. While this type of information may have some truth, it’s far more likely that the results don’t reflect comparable statistics. That’s why using the QRIS system is much more helpful for deciphering online data. 

Anyone that may have some skin in the game can manipulate results to make their organization come out looking sparkly. Know who is funding or posting the content, so you can understand the information you’re reviewing.

4. Tread carefully when considering online reviews.

Reviews are a dime a dozen these days, and it can be difficult to decide which ones are truly reflective of the environment they describe. Here are a few things to keep in mind with reviews.  

Consider the authenticity of reviews.

Unfortunately, reviews aren’t always what they seem. A few of the top review sites (looking at you, Amazon and Google) have been outed as having fake or “paid” reviews. This skews the results and can make viewers have more confidence then they should. If you see cookie-cutter reviews over and over, know that it’s typically a clear indication that the reviews are not fully accurate and could be influenced by the place being rated.

Negative reviews may not always give the full picture.

Oftentimes, the reviews that stand out are the bad ones. It’s human nature to seek out the negative, and we tend to want to hear the bad, even more so than the good. We want to know the worst that could happen, so the negative reviews help us understand what that could be. However, reviews offer only a glimpse of the whole picture. What could be 100% true can also be taken entirely out of context, painting a picture of a problem that doesn’t truly exist. 

Look for recurring themes in preschool ratings and reviews.

If you see multiple reviews complaining about the same thing, stop and take a closer look at what could be a recurring theme. Ask yourself if it was really a misunderstanding of a situation or if there’s a streak of habits that you don’t want your child exposed to. A few random occurrences may likely be nothing, but if it’s something many people allude to, it’s likely a common theme that you’ll want to consider in making your decision.

5. Don’t rely on just one source of information to make your decision.

Decision fatigue is a real thing. Present anyone with too many options, and it can easily leave them feeling in anxiety. It may seem easier to just close your eyes and point at any preschool to choose, but don’t let the choices overwhelm you. Make smart decisions by referencing multiple rating sites, talking with other parents, and visiting your top choices in person. 

When comparing Ashburn preschool ratings, use several reputable sites and compare notes. You likely have your own top priorities, so use those to guide your personal ranking system. When you have it narrowed down to a top-five (or ten, we know you do like options, and it’s a hard decision), start weeding them out based on referrals from trusted individuals or others who can give a first-hand account. 

Once you narrow your list down further, start touring your top options. Go prepared with questions and take your child if possible. You’ll have your admissions application read to go before you know it!

Deciphering Ashburn Preschool Ratings

If you’re wondering about Center Stage Preschool and where we are within current Ashburn preschool ratings, schedule your visit and find out firsthand whether or not our reviews are genuine.

Take a tour, talk with our staff, see if your child would fit in. We welcome all questions, so ask away! We just know you’ll love it here!


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