Ashburn Preschool Video Surveillance To Keep Your Child Safe!

Our Montessori Approach open floor plan.
Center Stage surveillance cameras will captures the welcome area


Outside Surveillance
Outside Surveillance

Surveillance Cameras!

Would it make you feel better if you knew that you could see your child all day long, even when she was at her local preschool in Ashburn? Wouldn’t it be nice if there were surveillance cameras in place that were streaming live so you could watch your child? At Center Stage Preschool and Full Day Care, that is exactly what we have!

We have recently installed video cameras in every single room of our Ashburn preschool. with the click of an app, you are able to see your child in action!

Our Classes in Real Time!

Want to see our Ashburn Montessori classes in real time? Click the app, and choose a camera until you find your child! Here are three reasons why you need to choose a preschool in Ashburn that has video cameras:

  1. Watch Your Child. Some parents are easily able to emotionally handle dropping their kids off at daycare and not know what’s happening until they get back. Others want the ability to see whats happening. Now you can watch your child at any time and see what they are learning, who they are paying with, and how much fun they are having!
  2. Watch Our Staff. The video cameras also give you the ability to check on our teachers and staff and know for certain that they are doing a good job! We always strive to give our best to our students every single day, and now you can watch US in action!
  3. We Hold Ourselves Accountable. Having video cameras give us the ability to be accountable to YOU! We have nothing to hide, no secrets, and no reason to not let you see our day. So we invite our parents to log in at any time and check on our team!

If you feel like making the switch to Center Stage is the right fit for your family, or you want more information, schedule a tour of our facility, or download our tuition and come see our Montessori school here in action! You should feel more than comfortable with your child’s daycare provider in Ashburn, so come and find out everything you need to make a great decision! You can also check out our Facebook page for more action pictures!

Ashburn preschool surveillance cameras will cover the outside play area
Ashburn preschool surveillance cameras will cover the outside play area



Watch Your Child Take Center Stage In Their Learning