A Montessori Approach Preschool in Ashburn VA for Children Ages 3-6

center stage ashburn preschool

Center Stage Preschool offers both part-time preschool and full-time daycare options for parents looking for 2-day, 3-day or 5-day care.

Center Stage Preschool is Ashburn’s most elite, private preschool. Our Montessori approach Ashburn preschool program is designed for the absorbent stage of their development. We want your child to experience a rich environment where they can explore, learn life skills, socialize, and become a valuable member of their community!

At Center Stage Preschool, our teachers are merely guides, helping the children explore and learn at their own pace. Our entire program is built to instill confidence in your children, develop internal motivation that gives your child an edge in learning and moving into grade school and life.

Exploration and Learning through Arts and Culture

Center Stage is a Preschool that:

  • Is focused on educating the child, and also introducing them to other cultures.
  • Encourages children to grow up with an attitude of acceptance and tolerance.
  • Values diversity.
  • Helps children appreciate the differences from one culture to the next and teaches them to celebrate them all.
  • Uses language, music, art, and creative movement from each culture to create a hands-on experience, and give a child an edge in life.

center stage ashburn preschool

Never has it been more important than today to appreciate and understand other people, and the cultures they come from! Children enrolled in Center Stage will be exposed to a new culture each month, and be able to experience first hand their language, art, drama, food, music, and more!


Daily Activities at Center Stage

Your student will be forever molded by the experiences that they gain from Center Stage.

Meals & Drinks

We want our children healthy. Our preschool program includes lunch and 2 snacks every day. Our meals are healthy and nutritious, allergy conscious, and even vegetarian! Our meals will be served as a family style meal. We also avoid giving them sugary drinks and only offer them water.

Creative Movement

Your children will learn dances and other fun ways to move their bodies, all based on the culture that we are studying. From yoga to martial arts, stomp to African tribal movement, your student will participate in many ways to move their bodies!

Songs & Plays

We want your child learning to think in creative ways. We encourage them to pretend, learn to role play and act. All of the music and fun songs we choose come from a variety of cultures.


Whether it’s painting, sculpting, drawing, creating, or molding, your child will be a little artist! We discover art from different cultures from all over the world including China, India, Turkey, Brazil and more!


A child’s mind is a sponge, so by giving them a mini-immersion, they will come home teaching YOU. Language learning is part of their experience at Center Stage.

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