Changing Things Up Here At Our Ashburn Summer Camp!

I Want To Be A Mermaid!

I absolutely love the summer! I’m a laid-back beach girl at heart. Often I have wondered why I wasn’t a mermaid! Enjoying the slower pace of summer life and looking forward to every summer break. I will admit that keeping the preschool open for summer camp was hard to wrap my mind around. It’s not that I minded the work, I love my job. I was more worried about how to make our Ashburn summer camp fresh, fun and exciting! It had to be different from regular preschool but still dependable for the children. Kids crave order and love change!

Having Fun, But Still Keeping To A Schedule!

Keep calm and Ride a bike!
Keep calm and Ride a bike!

Considering our children, schedule, weather and new summer staff. So much transition for all of us! First, I noticed how nice it was outside in the morning. It would be a shame to stay inside and not enjoy the cool shade of the morning sun. I adjusted our mornings to outside fee play during our welcome time. The kids loved the freedom to come in, ride bikes and greet their friends as everyone arrived at preschool. This set such a positive tone for the day! Everywhere I looked I saw smiling faces, hugs and child lead activities.

Next Is Our Circle Time!

Our Ashburn summer camp has a different feel altogether. We included new songs to our morning circle time as well as some fun finger/hand movements. This coupled with some of our traditional activities made our circle time exciting but with the added comfort of our dependable schedule.

New Teachers Bring In New Flavors!

Starting the day of with some coloring!
Starting the day of with some coloring!

I love watching our kids get to know their teachers. We really do have a talented compassionate crew this summer. Each child has a teacher they can relate too. It’s interesting to see these new trusting relationships form. Ms. Meg and I are always on the floor overseeing the team. It’s a great combination of familiar faces and new friends. This new crew can sing, dance and do fun art stuff. Our kids adore them!

I am confident that our first summer camp will be a hit! I can’t wait to bring you all more updates! Thanks for stopping by!

Ms. Heather

What a great way for your child to spend their summer, meeting our summer camp teachers and making new friends! Find out more about our Center Stage Preschool, Ashburn by scheduling a tour! You can also follow us on Facebook and get updates of what we are up to every week!



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