Asburn VA Preschool Explores Every Season in Fun Ways!

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Fall Fairy Table at Center Stage Preschool
ashburn va preschool exploration

At Center Stage, the children learn through hands-on exploration!

At this Ashburn VA preschool, we love to sing and move our bodies in fun, new and creative ways, while exploring and learning about the different seasons. This gives Center Stage students the opportunity to experience seasons with all of their senses.

In the fall, we sing about the leaves falling, and ask questions like, “Do the leaves crackle and crunch under our feet?”, “Why do the leaves change colors in the fall?”, “What colors do the leaves turn into?”, and “What does the Autumn air smell like to you?” It is amazing to hear what the children have to say about their own experiences and ideas of fall.

center stage reading circle

Our students love the reading center at Center Stage Preschool!

The Absorbent Stage of Development

During this 3 to 6 year absorbent phase, children are introduced to many different sight words and learn new ways of communication. Your child will make decisions about their education right now in this absorbent phase. It is crucial and important that things are introduced to them in fun, exciting and innovative ways. We often head outside to expand the learning environment for our students which leads to great experiences!

At Center Stage Preschool, we tailor-make our activities and curriculum to attract the children to these new ideas in impactful and lasting ways. Learn more about how our Montessori approach classes work.

Seasonal Lessons & Crafts

During the fall, we learn all about pumpkinshow they grow,

center stage preschool students learning about sight words

Center Stage students learning about sight words.

their shape and color, their purpose and uses. “Does a pumpkin sink or float?”, “What colors do pumpkins come in?”, and “What is inside of a pumpkin?”

It is important to discuss and explore every aspect of pumpkins, and afterward, we take the seeds from the pumpkins; we plant some, and we dry the rest to make colorful pumpkin shakers.

Child making a pumpkin craft at Center Stage Preschool in Ashburn VA

Making pumpkin shakers at Center Stage.

Outdoor Season Exploration at Ashburn VA Preschool

The fall/autumn season comes to a close way too quickly. Here at our Ashburn VA Preschool, we change our outdoor classroom every season. The kids take advantage of their last fun moments of fall by visiting our haystack sensory maze!

student enjoying the center stage haystack maze at Ashburn VA preschool

Students enjoying our Center Stage haystack maze.

Doesn’t this sound like a great way for your child to spend their days in preschool? Learning by exploring and experiencing new things every day? We think so!

Find out more about our programs by scheduling a tour today. Visit our Facebook page to see what we are up to!

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