Is My Child Ready for Preschool?

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The benefits of preschool lay a foundation for education, social skills, motor development. Truthfully, there is no black or white answer to: “Is my child ready to start preschool?” However, most parents start looking at their child’s inquisitive little mind at about 2-3 years old. Children Ages 2-4 Could be Ready for Preschool Because no child develops exactly the same … Read More

The Truth About Potty Training + 5 Tips to Help You Get Started

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From the second you become a parent potty training is one of those first things you both dread and look forward to – at least look forward to the results of. When the time starts to approach there are so many more things to consider and questions you tend to have. “Am I pushing the child too soon? Do I … Read More

Preschool Assessments

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October is a very busy time for us… During this time, we are gearing up for fall and everything that comes along with it, including Fall Fun Fest! This time also leads right into Thanksgiving and being thankful and grateful. Before we know it, we are jumping into the winter celebrations of being kind to others and giving of ourselves. … Read More

Reading to our Kids is so Important

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Reading is Something Magical There’s something magical about bringing a book to the children and having a whole other world come alive in their eyes. I frequently read to the children. It’s something I do most often. I’ve always been a huge advocate of reading to children, even infants. There was a book that both of my girls fell in love … Read More