All Teachers are Heros

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summer camp staff

(As I sip my morning cup of coffee…) Today I’m going to be talking about a subject that can be hard for some to hear but I feel like it needs to be said… I was a teacher for many years. Now I am a director and before that I was a teacher assistant. It can be a difficult job … Read More

A New School Year Is Around The Corner

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A New School Year

Behind the scenes with Ms. Heather We have had an amazing summer so far. I’m so glad to see that our program planning has been successful and our teacher training was exactly what we needed. As directors, we have to be 3 months ahead in planning at every stage of the year. We’ve been planning our summer schedule since March! I … Read More

Is it Safe to Play Outside?

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Little Girl Blowing Bubbles

So here we are in the heat of Summer… We have little ones who want to go outside and play, and who can blame them. Our playground is full of exciting child Discovery zones. We’ve equipped the playground with water play toys, a bubble Play-Doh station, a chalkboard, and a car wash. Everything someone would need to play outside and … Read More

The Importance Of Summer Camp

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Preschoolers Playing Rock Jump at Summer Camp

Everyone needs a break from the norm It’s a wonderful thing to press hard all year to reach your goals and to grow in new subjects and activities and achievements. At Center Stage preschool, my teachers take the summer off. It’s a challenge to stay open as a preschool without my amazing lead teachers. But, honestly it’s a pleasure to … Read More

Social and Emotional Development for Children Ages 3 to 6.

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Hello again 🙂 I’d like to talk about a generalized span of the social and emotional development of children ages 3 to 6. Some variations that can affect where a child stands socially and emotionally in their development include a child’s age, birth order (eldest sibling, a middle child, youngest), and anything they’ve been exposed to. Things we look for … Read More