Valentine’s Day With Preschoolers

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Center Stage Preschool

Valentine’s Day With Preschoolers So, what does Valentine’s day mean to preschoolers? We all know it’s a day to show the people we love how much we care about them. We celebrate love within relationships with our children, family, spouses and significant others. But how can this day be used in a significant way within the preschool environment? I’m here to … Read More

Flu Season At Preschool

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Flu Season and Prevention

Flu season at preschool has really turned us on our heads I like my blogs to be informative as well as relevant to what we as a preschool may be experiencing. Up until this week, we had only seen a few cases. I felt as though we had done such a good job in sanitizing our surfaces, washing hands, cleaning … Read More

Mid-Year Assessments At Preschool

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Mid Year Assessments

It’s that time again…  We will be doing our mid-year student assessments in every classroom. This happens to be my favorite time of year because it shows us how far we have come. We do assessments at the beginning of each year and with all new incoming students. My teachers and I find these assessments incredibly helpful. It’s important to … Read More

Is This Normal For My Preschooler?

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Center Stage Preschool

“Is this normal?” I get asked this question quite a lot. This question could go along with behavior, growth charts, benchmarks, eating, tantrums, aggressive behavior, sleeping habits, writing skills, teething, potty training, and the list goes on and on. If I had a quarter for every time a parent asked me a question that started with “Is this normal?” I … Read More

Post-Holiday Blues

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Christmas Blues

Christmas Let Down A.K.A Christmas Blues  Hello everybody! You’re going to find, possibly, that your sweet little one is getting ready to go into a crazy stage. We call this the Christmas Blues. Regulating feelings after the huge build up and expectation of Christmas can be hard for kids and as well as adults. They’ve been celebrating family coming into town, … Read More