Drama Raises Self Esteem

HeatherAshburn Summer Camp

You have been waiting all year for this moment. “Romeo, oh, Romeo. Where art thou Romeo.” echoes throughout a crowded amphitheater. Week after week you spent hours reciting your lines in the mirror, running the scenes with your drama mates, and anticipating what it should all surmount to. In this moment you recite every word perfectly. In this moment all … Read More

Drama Creates Community

HeatherAshburn Summer Camp

Drama creates a community where every person has an important role, everyone’s input is valuable In a world where everyone is looking out for number one it may seem impossible to be part of something bigger than ourselves, that creates community. Although, this is exactly the type of environment we want our children to be raised in. A place that … Read More

Every Kid Can Act

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All kids act. Maybe they play make-believe or pretend to be their favorite super hero on the x-box, or even step into another world while reading harry potter books. Make believe is an important part of childhood. So while drama and acting might seem scary to your child, remember that acting is still playing! That’s exactly what we are all about … Read More