Social and Emotional Development for Children Ages 3 to 6.

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Hello again 🙂 I’d like to talk about a generalized span of the social and emotional development of children ages 3 to 6. Some variations that can affect where a child stands socially and emotionally in their development include a child’s age, birth order (eldest sibling, a middle child, youngest), and anything they’ve been exposed to. Things we look for … Read More

Is My Child Ready For Kindergarten?

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“Is my child ready for Kindergarten?” This is a great question! I will try to answer it in a succinct, informative fashion. Development is the overarching bones, or consistency, of our curriculum. We base all of our learning on core objectives. Center Stage preschool sees each child as an individual. We keep in mind that to assess development growth we need … Read More

When Is The Best Time To Send Your Child To Preschool?

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A very loaded question without a clear answer… When is the best time to send your child to preschool? Well,  there really isn’t a precise answer because families are unique and every child is different. Everyone has an opinion on when it’s best to send children to preschool. Not to mention the slippery slope of opinions about infant care, breast … Read More

Life As A Preschool Student At Center Stage

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Meet Our Very First Student! Get His Take On Being A Preschooler At Center Stage. We couldn’t just only share this student testimonial on Facebook.  Given the insanely adorable nature of this video, we felt the need to share it everywhere! So, everyone, meet…… our very first student! He has filled our school with animation and laughter since day one. Already … Read More