Building Confidence in Children through Drama

We need it to thrive. We all yearn for it. And when you have it, you shouldn’t let it go. It’s confidence. Children thrive on confidence. It allows them to explore the world around them, gain their independence, and develop their social standing.

So, how do we plant the seed of confidence in our children that can last a lifetime?

Confidence is not just an action, it is the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something. In a word: trust.

When your child has confidence, they have a self-assurance that comes from their own appreciation of their abilities and unique qualities that make them special.

Every parent wants their child to feel confident.

We want them to have someone to rely on. We want them to be sure of themselves. As life’s trials weigh in on our young ones we seek avenues to ensure their happiness.

Drama delivers just that.

Drama creates a safe place where emotion and excitement can be demonstrated directly and wholeheartedly. A child can practice their expressive language in a constructive environment that then transfers to real life social arenas.

Andrea Philips, a freelance drama teacher in London and strong promoter of the arts for children, writes “Drama can improve a child’s confidence because once they get used to performing in front of an audience, they will feel more able to speak out in other social situations.”

Dr. Marci G. Fox speaks on confidence in an article she wrote for Psychology Today, saying:

“Confidence is essential to making it in life. It enables us to reach for our goals, try new things, and stand independently. It protects us from stress and equips us to face life’s challenges. Confidence comes from believing in yourself.”

How can drama instill these characteristics in a child?

While in a drama class or program there is a camaraderie that is formed between peers. Working so close together for a common goal over a prolonged period of time encourages a trust and reliability on others. In a production, each child has a specific and vital role to fulfill; whether it’s the star of the show or the one who is responsible for dropping the fake snow in scene two. Knowing the show would not be complete without their input lets a child appreciate their particular qualities and feel self-assured.

Discovering oneself can be positively explored through trying out for different roles and attempting responsibilities that they had never ventured before.

Drama is a platform for character building.

It has been seen time and time again where a shy, insecure child comes out of a drama program confident; bravely taking on new tasks and social situations that once frightened them. Let your child’s potential be maximized by trying out an arts program. Confidence isn’t inherited, it’s achieved.

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