Camp-Learn-A-Lot at our Ashburn Preschool Classes!

Camp-Learn-A-Lot at our Ashburn Preschool Classes!

I would like to spend some time thinking and focusing on environment and how it effects our moods, perspective and overall demeanor. A huge part of what I do is taking care of our preschool’s prepared environment. It’s strange to think of the preschool building as being one of my very important staff members but it is. Our Ashburn preschool classes has to be taken care of, nurtured and even given time to rest just like my other staff members. If I don’t take care of my staff then my staff cannot take care of our students, bottom line!

Creating a nurturing and safe space for our

students to explore!

Game time with Ref. Wilbear!
Game time with Ref. Wilbear!

Research shows that our surroundings effect how we think and our ability to focus and learn. I don’t know about you but if I have clothes on my bedroom floor or dirty dishes waiting for me in the sink, I can’t seem to focus until I get my chores done!

It’s the same for our Ashburn preschool classes. Toys not having a home, not having a dependable schedule and “busy bee” colors swirling around make for a very chaotic environment for students. It is my job to create and sustain a preschool environment that supports a learning, nurturing and safe space for our students to explore. This responsibility brings me back to my first thought,” The preschool building is a very important member of my staff.”

Having balance, energy, order and an environment that invites exploration!

In the beginning, when we first thoughts of opening a preschool, I couldn’t even wrap my mind around blowing life into this unknown thing until I had a place, a spot… a home. Once Don and I agreed on the building, I had to research and imagine what the Form, Function and Flow of our preschool would be. I call this my “Three F’s of Success” It’s crazy but it works.

The building doesn’t tell us what to do, we tell it what to do! There are difficulties and challenges in every building design. I call these challenges “FUEL”. My heart starts beating fast and my gears begin to turn as I ponder all the possibilities this building has to offer. I ask myself, “How can we make this work?? My design concept comes from my years of stage work. We must have balance, energy, order and an environment that invites exploration. Read more about some of the other exploration we have done.

A preschool environment should be strong, dependable, exciting

but NEVER overstated!

Don'd feed the dance teacher!
Don’d feed the dance teacher!

In saying all of this I must also state, that it is my opinion that in any preschool, the Children and Learning Materials should standout not the building, we mustn’t loose or way. This is where many a design team have lost their vision as well as their very purpose in setting up a preschool. It seems contradictory at first but a preschool environment should be strong, dependable, exciting but NEVER overstated!

The overall color should be calm and reach throughout the whole building. It’s like a huge for your brain and eyes.  There must also be pops of color to create excitement and interest. Add with that, loads of plants and amazing learning materials and you have a recipe for a great start.

Camp-Learn-A-Lot at our Ashburn Preschool Classes!

I know when I’ve hit the mark when parents say things like, “I wish I could go here.” Or “Where were you when my older kids were young?” Those are all great compliments but the job is not even close to being done. Much like the seasons changing outside so must our preschool environment inside. Every new season is a chance to move things around and clean out the cobwebs so to speak. I believe in our inside matching our outside. This winter we made the whole school into an icy Eskimo village. Spring came in and now we reside in “Camp Learn-A-Lot”. The kids absolutely love it!

The Absorbent Phase!

Yes it’s a lot of work! Yes it means extra time, money and dedication. But, if the children are excited to come to school and learn then I consider it a win! One thought that is constantly at the forefront of my mind, “A child’s development between the ages three and six years is called the Absorbent Phase. Everything a child touches, sees, hears or explores is taken with them for the rest of their lives.”  It’s incredibly important that I protect this learning phase as well as set the stage for learning, creativity and exploration.

I will close by saying, “I have a big important job and I absolutely love it!”

Thank you for reading!

Ms. Heather

Doesn’t this sound like a great way for your child to spend their day? Becoming great explorers! We think so too! Find out more about our Ashburn Montessori preschool by scheduling a tour! You can also follow us on Facebook and get daily updates of what we are up to!


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