Camp Learn A-Lot Summer Camp in Ashburn!

“Stay-cation” Summer Camp in Ashburn!

Summer is such an exciting time of year! Everyone seems to relax a little more. Some of us have beach vacations to look forward too, picnics, pools, parks and family to visit. Summer is my most favorite time of year! My family has been heading to the same beach, same cottage and same family traditions for over 40 years! It’s a fabulous week! I keep all of those “Good Vibrations” in mind as I plan for our Center Stage Preschool summer camp in Ashburn! I want it to be fun, exciting and something new every week.

The studens live exploring/excavating the outdoors!
The studens live exploring/excavating the outdoors!

Camp Learn A-Lot

There is also another component to our summer camp curriculum and if you have children you will know exactly what I’m speaking of,” RETENTION”!! Most Parents are very concerned about their children forgetting everything they learned through the last academic year as well as getting them off schedule. It is such a nightmare to try to get the kids back into a “School” frame of mind. Being very familiar with these concerns both as a mom and a teacher, I think I have come up with a fabulous solution! I call it “Camp Learn A-Lot”

Here is my approach. Let’s keep the children on the same schedule, run our day much the same as we did during our academic year. What we will do differently is swop out the core curriculum time for a fun thematic discovery time. This keeps the children engaged and interested as well as maintaining consistency through the summer. Studies show that children do not necessarily forget what they have learned but rather information is stored away and are not readily accessible after a long absence. The good news is,” What we learn, we keep!”

Exciting Adventures Every Week!

Center Stage Preschool And Daycare Montessori
Center Stage Preschool And Daycare Montessori

Our goal here at Center Stage Preschool is to keep the children excited about learning while giving the core subjects a little break. We don’t want our students growing weary over their academics. I say, let’s keep those channels of learning and discovery open and accessible through summer break! Our summer camp in Ashburn will be packed with exciting adventures every week! Learning is fun especially when we get to explore fun themes with our camp friends. Our program is filled with activities, crafts, improves, games and creative movement! It will be as much fun as anyone can have at school! I call it… “Summer Stay-cation!”  This past year we have travel to all the continents!  Read more about what we do when we visit all these other countries

Don’t miss out! We are filling up fast! Center Stage staff look forward to spending a fabulous summer vacation with our “Camp Learn A-LOT” friends! Campers get ready for an exciting summer!

Wishing you all warm summer days,

Ms. Heather.

Doesn’t this sound like a great way for your child to spend their day? Learning by exploring and experience new things everyday? We think so too! Find out more about our Summer Camp in Ashburn by scheduling a tour today. Also check out our Facebook page for more amazing pictures!


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