Career Day

Students learning to be team players!

Play Pretend at Center Stage Ashburn!

Job/Career Day at Center Stage.
Job/Career Day at Center Stage.

It’s an amazing thing to be able to put on a costume and become a different person for a while. Play pretend is very important at every stage of development. I want to focus on the three to six-year absorbent phase today. It happens to be my most favorite developmental phase! Learn more about the benefits of Center Stage Ashburn’s Drama program.

I don’t know about you but I absolutely loved Career Day at school. These cool parents would come in to our school and speak to the class about what it’s like to work their jobs. The really, really cool parents would bring us an amazing keep-sake like, pens, hats, water bottles or T-Shirts with their company logo on it. Oh happy day! Gone are the simple times when a pen with a logo could bring me such satisfaction!

Another bi-product of Career Day was getting a (behind the scenes) peek at the qualifications a person needed to do certain jobs. I was captivated. I wanted to know all the details! What must it feel like to get up and drive to some important job where people depended on you to bring your talents and know-how to work every day? How exciting!!

Career Day!

It is with this same excitement and enthusiasm that we plan our Career Day here at Center Stage Ashburn! I bring in career costumes. The children get to pick who they want to be that day. The teachers will then ask thought provoking questions. Our teachers love to tap into their imaginations! Each child will get a chance to stand up and share why they picked that particular career that day.

It is so amazing to hear what the children have to say. If we listen very closely, we can find out how each child is being influenced. Some children will pick a career based on what their parents do. Or some students would love to become a service person because they get to help people. Others, want to become teachers because they adore their teacher. Still others want to be a Veterinarian because they love pets! A very young Ms. Heather wanted to be a Marine Biologist because she loved dolphins and wanted to work at Sea World! (I still do!)

“You can not do everything but you can do ANYTHING”!

The children have a voice and a choice in real time, through pretend play.
Characters give the children a voice and a choice in real time.

As I sit behind my desk at Center Stage Preschool, I smile. I am the Center Stage Preschool Director, WOW! This is just one of four careers I have had so far in my adult life! Which brings me to another important aspect of a Career Day. It’s “Empathy” Empathy is the ability to share the feelings of others. By working and exploring different careers I have been allowed to work closely with a multitude of people groups as well as cultures. People fascinate me. The more I learn the better I understand. This is why it is so important to introduce our students to all the possible opportunities that are available to them at a young age. I always tell them, “You cannot do everything but you can do ANYTHING!

Watching the students light up as they get up to share their career is amazing! We can see how proud they are of their family. As teachers, we get a front row seat as we get a glimpse of what our gifted young people will become! My staff and I are honored to be a part of what is seemingly a short stop off on a life long journey of discovery.

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