You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!

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What is best…traditional Preschool or Montessori? My answer is absolutely both!  So many people are willing to die on a certain hill that is just one of the many building blocks of higher education.  I love Montessori. If there’s one person, I could somehow have lunch with, it would be Maria Montessori. Her concepts are timeless and centered around child … Read More

Protect the IMPORTANT, Not the Weak

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protect the important

You’re super special…just like everyone else! Have you ever wanted to broadcast a PSA about your pet peeve? I’ve got several. 🗣️ “Pick up up after your dogs!!!” Or 🗣️ “Put away your shopping carts!!!” Or my personal favorite… 🗣️ “LEARN HOW TO MERGE!!! For the love of all that is holy!!!” As a Director and Educator, my PSA would … Read More

From the Front Lines of the First Few Weeks of Preschool

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The first few weeks of school have been super eventful, and I’m sitting here on my sofa,thinking. Wanna know some of my Director thoughts? I hoped you would, And guess what?They’re in bullet points, because I think in bullet points. Don’t all Preschool Directors? *Preschool is hard!! Hard for parents to trust a new school. Hard for kids to feel safe … Read More

From Precious Angel to Raining Flip Flops… What’s Happening to My Child?!

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“Why are they acting like that?”If I had a dollar for every time I was asked this question, I would be writing this blog from myown private tropical island. Here’s how the scenario usually unfolds to produce that question. As a parent of a young child,you search and search for a wonderful, amazing, preschool with loving teachers and a fantasticcurriculum. … Read More