Center Stage Ashburn Summer Camp!

Students making slime.
Students making slime.

Ashburn Summer Camp!

School is coming to an end and summer is upon us! What do you do with your precious little ones, when you as parents do not get summers off? Well at Center Stage we offer a full day Summer Camp for those working parents who maybe need childcare during the summer months! Our full day Ashburn summer camp can be great place for your preschooler. It gives your child the opportunity to make friends, learn new skills, have adventures, and get outside. Because Center Stage students does not use electronics, consequently it cuts down on screen time. We want to ensure that they get plenty of outdoor time, do something creative and encourage active play!

Most of all, did you also know that summer camp can be beneficial to your preschooler? Here are some things you might want to consider, especially if your child will be entering preschool or kindergarten in the fall.

  1. Learning social skills:

    At our Ashburn summer camp it is a great opportunity to introduce your child to a whole new group of friends! It allows children to make friends and interact with other children from diverse background and culture. It also gives children the freedom to make friends independently.

  2. Keep the structure:

    Outdoor play time at our Ashburn summer camp!
    Outdoor play time at our Ashburn summer camp!

    Summer camp introduces the concept of following a schedule, learning group rules, and getting along with other children in a group setting. Here at Center Stage we believe children learn while they play! It can also help with the transition from laid-back, flexible days at home with a parent or caretaker to the relative structure of a classroom environment can be challenging.

  3. Grow more independent:

    Our preschool summer camp is the perfect place for children to practice making decisions for themselves. It can also be a great opportunity for your child to experience being away from Mom and Dad for a couple of hours. They learn how to handle daily choices in a safe, and caring environment.

What a great way for your child to spend their summer! Making new friend and learn new skills everyday? we think so too! Find out more about our programs by scheduling a tour today. You can also visit our Facebook page to see what we are up to every week!


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