Center Stage Preschool Arts Studio

Every Thursday, Center Stage Preschool brings you our arts segment. Center Stage Preschool is a fine and performing arts oriented, Montessori approach school. Today, we will explore our arts and crafts studio with preschool director, Heather Carboneau. Center Stage Preschool is so excited to have an auxiliary room that is completely focused on our fine arts program. Fine arts can be anything from painting, sculpting, photography, drawing, chalk, etc.

The possibilities are endless! This studio was made so that creation can take place, and children’s imaginations can be exercised. All art supplies will be located in the cabinets, properly labeled, and ready to go for our kids. The main focus of this room is focused creativity, and thinking outside of the box. Our art studio will tie in to our cultural “staycation” as well. Whatever season we are in, or whatever country we are studying…we will immerse ourselves in the art of those cultures or seasons.

We are so excited to introduce different art mediums to our children, and see where their imagination takes them. Your child will love exploring fine arts and crafts with our amazing, friendly teachers. They will be able to bring home all the art they make to be able to show their proud parents, and they will keep these art skills throughout their lives. We are so excited to get your little artists ready for kindergarten! Make sure to visit us at or find out more about our fine and performing arts curriculum in this blog post. Check out our Facebook page for more daily pictures!


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