Center Stage Is Going On A Trip, Grab Your Passports!

Our Preschool in Ashburn Loves Learning About Other Cultures!

Every month at Center Stage Preschool in Ashburn we pack our bags, grab our passports and go to a different continent. Each week the children will find a different country to go visit within that continent. They will go to all the sites, landmarks and experience the culture from that country. This month Center Stage Preschool went to Africa and visited Morocco, Egypt, South Africa and Madagascar! Learn more about Center Stage’s point of view about global awareness.

Serving Moroccan tea on the tea pad.


Center Stage Preschool visited Morocco. In Morocco, drinking tea together is an invitation to witness and participate in an important part of the culture. The children enjoyed taking part in the ceremony, they washed their hands and were invited to pour tea from the Moroccan tea pad. They also created mosaic and textile pieces, mimicking the architectural style of Morocco with its intricate, clean lines, and combination of earth tone and bold color use.

Exploring The desert in Egypt
Exploring The desert in Egypt


We learned all about King Tut as well as about the Valley of the Kings, and the Egyptian mummification (age appropriate). The children created their own Head Crowns and amulets, Egyptian (Wesekh) necklaces, pyramids and mummies. They even had a true Center Stage Preschool theatrical “Dance like an Egyptian” dance. The children had so much fun exploring the pyramids, and the desert with all of its majestic mysteries and creepy crawlies!

Inter Active Math! 

Center Stage uses Montessori counting rods
Center Stage uses Montessori counting rods

Center Stage Preschool in Ashburn have some of the best Montessori materials, and we are very proud to be able to offer it to our students. The number rods is one of the hands-on lessons that we give the children in our math curriculum. The importance of this lesson is, it really allows the children to physically feel that “1” is small and “10” is big. When you see a three year old carrying a “10” rod that is just about as big as they are, they truly understand the concept of that “10” is much bigger than one. The different colored blocks make counting easier. They are not only recognizing how to count, but also recognizing which numbers to match with the rod’s counting.

Matching, counting and sorting!

Our children love the interactive learning!
Our children love the interactive learning!

Sorting objects according to size helps children develop their intellect. These lessons are not only fun, but are building blocks for later learning.
Montessori used sorting, matching and classifying as a means to academic learning in math, reading and science. Matching and sorting help with problem solving and categorizing skills. The ability to visually recognize patterns is helpful to understand our language patterns in speaking and writing. Sorting, matching and sequencing are a way for a child to recognize differences and similarities visually.

Doesn’t this sound like a great way for your child to spend their day? Learning by exploring and experience new things everyday? We think so too! Find out more about our preschool in Ashburn programs by scheduling a tour today. Check out our Facebook page for more amazing pictures!


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