Center Stage Preschool Library

Our Library!

Reading is such an essential part of the curriculum here at Center Stage Preschool in Ashburn. Our library nook is one of our favorite places so far in our classroom.

The library was created to make a very gentle, safe, & soft spot. It creates a quiet place for children to relax, be quiet. It can also be a place to reflect or get lost in a whole other land. The library is a place for teachers and students to tell and exchange stories. They can relate to one another, and even go to different countries & places. We are so excited for our school year! To see all the things that we can do with our imagination. We want to bring the feel of the outdoors, inside. Our library is full of birch, book shelves filled with multi cultural, and educational books.

Our Unique Library!

Branches hang from the ceiling above comfortable seats. We want this library nook to feel like a tree house, and we believe that we really successfully reflect that with the atmosphere of this room. We believe the children will love having a unique, and comfortable room to improve their cognition and reading skills with our teachers.

Read more about the Center Stage approach to our “welcome center” and how we greet children every morning. You can see more pictures on our Facebook page!


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