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Each week, Center Stage Preschool in Ashburn brings you Montessori Monday blog posts. In our latest video for Montessori Monday, preschool director Heather Carboneau goes over the Montessori method for correction of error. The correction of error method  is built into every Montessori curriculum,as well as any Montessori approach school. The basis of this method is the understanding that everything in the classroom has it’s very own place where it belongs.

When an item is not in it’s place, it is incredibly obvious to the naked eye. Our classroom at Center Stage Preschool has white floors, light birch colored furniture, and solid colored walls. These bright, and light colors clearly show dirt, disorder, and assist in showing children as well as adults, if something is out of it’s place. With this method in place, the children do not need to be told to put things away, because they know where each item belongs. You will not have to ask a child to “pick” something up, because it is incredibly obvious.

Center Stage Preschool, as well as the Montessori method, believe that children crave order. When children see that everything in the classroom is labeled, and ready to be put away, they are subconsciously learning organizational skills early on. These skills will benefit the children for the rest of their lives. When children are constantly corrected, they learn to be afraid of making mistakes. They begin to limit their exploration, or do not try challenging work. By allowing children to self-correct, we teach them that the purpose of work is related to the process of learning to learn.Your child will love learning how to be organized, and pick up proper life skills like these through a variety of different fun, and dynamic activities.

As we have said, Center Stage Preschool strongly believes children crave order. Here at Center Stage Preschool, we really want to encourage order to aid progress, and to help prepare your child for kindergarten. Make sure to Visit us at or find out more about Center Stage Preschool’s Montessori approach in this blog post


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