We Love Our Center Stage Preschool Teachers!

The Five “C’s”!

Hiring Teachers for Center Stage Preschool is a tricky business. So many factors come into play. My Boss and business mentor, Don Alley believes that prospective teachers may not just have the qualifications needed on paper, although that is very important. But they must also possess the three “C’s” of hiring.

  • Competent
  • Conscientious
  • Chemistry

As the director, I must try and figure out if this person sitting in front of me has the skill set to do the job well. I ask myself, are they reliable? Is this teacher a team player? I would also like to add two more “C’s” to our list that I believe are imperative to working with preschoolers.

  • Compassionate
  • Creative

If an interviewer has made it through the first five “C’s”, I will move on to two other very important questions. I ask these questions first as a mom and then as a coworker.

  • Would I trust this person to care for my own children?
  • Is this a person I want to work closely with day in and day out? Or, would I want to be stuck in coach seating on a 5 hr flight sitting next to this person?
Sensory Play is an important part of learning in the 3 to 6 year age group.
Sensory Play is an important part of learning in the 3 to 6 year age group.

Asking The Right Questions?

I am a firm believer in “active listening”. A person will tell me everything I need to know if I listen and ask the right questions. With this frame work I move into the hiring. Sorry to say, I do not always get it right. People can disappoint or maybe it is not a good fit just now. I can however say confidently that the above questions have served me well. I not only ask prospective teachers these questions but I try to ask myself these same questions every day. Am I competent, compassionate and a team player? Do I bring a positive influence to our team? Again, sometimes I disappoint and miss the mark but I try to assess my short comings, own my stuff and go at it again.

I share all of this to give you a taste as to what it’s like to work for Center Stage Preschool with me as the director. I expect a lot from my team. We all work so closely together in a highly charged environment. Children’s lives and futures are on the line and none of us take that responsibility lightly. Our team Co teaches, which means we learn from each other as well as lean on each other. This team is a family, with all of its imperfections, cultural differences and personalities. Here is a word from our Director, Ms. Heather!

Breathe Life Into A Dream!

I am proud to say that our team of qualified teachers made it through the interview process because they were all Center Stage Preschool material and out shined the rest! I adore my team and trust them implicitly. My team not only met this new opportunity being highly qualified but also with another “C”, COURAGE!!  It is no easy task to breathe life into a dream. To believe in something so much that you will not stop until you reach the top! These are the people we want teaching and influencing our precious little ones. I feel so lucky that they are here with me, each one incredibly valuable!

After a period of time when the dust settles, a director must ask themselves some questions, “Was this a good hire?” “Are the members of my team working well together?” “Is this preschool effective? “ “Are the children and families thriving and well cared for?” “Would I put together this same team if I could do it again?” I can honestly answer all of the above questions with a resounding YES!  Center Stage Preschool has a fabulous, passionate and qualified group of teachers! Our team of teachers are talented and love your kids! Any preschool would be lucky to have them.

Students learning to be team players!
Students learning to be team players!

Being A Team Player At Center Stage Preschool!

This brings me to one last very important question. It is a question that has stuck with me over the years. In my humble opinion, the answer to this question is the true measure of a person. It is by this question alone that I keep myself inline. It is my faithful go-to self-check… Here it is,

Do I play well with others?

It really is that simple! In a moment’s time I can self-evaluate and recalibrate my attitudes and actions towards others. How I make others feel, says more about me than it does about them. That’s what preschool is all about! That’s what life is all about! Of course, reading, writing and math are all very important but if you are not a team player life is going to be very hard on you.

I am honored to tell you all that here at Center Stage Preschool, I am part of a team of team players! Our team is dependable and highly qualified! We love to teach and absolutely adore our students. I am also very happy to report that our teachrs do play well with others!

Thank you for reading,

Heather Carboneau

Center Stage Preschool Director

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