Center Stage Summer Camp In Full Swing!

Getting ready for the day
Getting ready for the day

The First Week of Our Center Stage Summer Camp Is Off To a Great Start!

All the Pirates and Prince/Princesses from Ashburn gathered together at Center Stage Preschool for the next two weeks of our Center Stage Summer Camp!  Over the last couple of months our summer camp teachers sat down together and planned out a whole summer full of fun activities!

During the next two weeks, the Summer Camp students will use their compasses they made to go on a treasure hunt! Students will be finding gold, gems, in addition to exploring the exploding treasure chests! They will make Pirate Spy glasses to find friends (parrots and dragons) for our pirates and prince/princesses!

“Ahoy Me Matey …….! My Pirate Name Is Chummy Rattlebones!”

On Monday the students created their very own Center Stage Summer Camp pirate/princess name for the next two weeks. Some pirate names included, Rusty Lugsail, Bubbles Keelhauler, and Chummy McBludgeon. We also had some interesting Princess names like, Jandelyn Dina of Sweden, Fanny Noelle of China, and Beatrice Elise of Britain.

Let me adjust my tiara, and get my day started!
Let me adjust my tiara, and get my day started!

What About Learning During the Summer, You Ask?

Well, our Center Stage Summer Camp teachers were rather smart about sneaking in some learning opportunities for the students like:

  • The students will do a treasure hunt, hunting for letters that spell out a word!
  • The good old science experiment with vinegar and baking soda, becomes an exploding treasure chest.
  • Going on a gold coin scavenger hunt, where the pirates will have to hunt and find the number of coins that they were assign to.
  • Measuring, mixing, sensory and hands-on learning with the making of our very own prince/princess putty.

What a great way for your child to spend their summer, meeting our summer camp teachers and making new friends! Find out more about our programs by scheduling a tour today. You can also visit our Facebook page to see what we are up to every week!


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