A New School Year Is Around The Corner

Behind the scenes with Ms. Heather

We have had an amazing summer so far. I’m so glad to see that our program planning has been successful and our teacher training was exactly what we needed. As directors, we have to be 3 months ahead in planning at every stage of the year. We’ve been planning our summer schedule since March! I was interviewing for teachers as well as going through every aspect of crafts activities and scheduling for our summer camp. It feels so good to see a plan come together and have a team that will work hard, be flexible, and love on the kids. Summer camp is also a great time for New Perspective families to try out Center Stage preschool.

Busy Bees…

On top of executing our plans, we are also making space and being gracious hosts to new visitors, walk-ins, and scheduled tours. Needless to say, Miss Teresa and I are always busy. Fortunately, we like it that way. You may ask,” Miss Heather when do you get to enjoy what you’ve planned as you watch it play out in front of you?” There is about a two-week window, from the start of any new program until things get into full swing, that a director can sit back and enjoy their programming plans. I call it this “week spot”. It’s when the wrinkles have been ironed out, the tires have been kicked in, and we are built in and ready to go- We’re prepared, we’ve been trained, and this is what we have been looking forward to.

Sometimes, as I look out with pride over my preschool Kingdom, I don’t think to myself “Great job team!!” before another thought comes screaming into my head, “ Get To Work!! The new school year is fast approaching!” I find myself at a new starting line ready for the announcer to say “Ready. Set. Go!!”

We have an exciting new fall schedule planned.

Our themes, benchmarks goals, and curriculum is already planned and in binders. We have many new families joining our preschool this year and my staff is so excited to get back and get started in August. Sometimes we feel a little bit like Santa’s workshop. We work so hard to be ready for the start of a program only to turn around and begin planning the next. So if you see me looking off into the distance please know that I am probably planning and plotting for our next steps as a preschool.

Thanks for stopping by,

Ms. Heather

P.S. 154 DAYS until Christmas!!🤣


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