Cultural Awareness at Our Preschool, Ashburn!

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Visiting Egypt at our Ashburn preschool.

Visiting Egypt and learning about the pyramids.

Cultural Differences and Awareness!

This is a huge element of the curriculum at our preschool, Ashburn. We’re really excited about this and it comes from divergent thinking. Center Stage really wants to embrace all cultures that live here in Ashburn. There is such a rich melting pot of different cultures in the Washington DC area. We want everyone, including our children, to understand that whoever you are, wherever you come from, and whatever language you speak, we all bring something valuable to the table.

Where is Home?

We will ask questions about, “who we are?”, “where we are from?”  We will start the school year off with home, right here! The children will start to understand the concept of where they are placed.  Once they feel safe enough, we can venture out and explore more places around us. The children will understand that they are part of a much bigger community.

Home Base!

We are going to start of the school year on the east coast of our United States. We will also discuss, “Where are you from?” if any of them are from another state or country.  We’ll talk about cultural differences and what people do there. Home is really important, it’s the children’s home base! From there we will spread our wings and each month we will go explore other countries.

Visiting a different county every week.

Visiting a different county every week.

Mini Emergence at Our Preschool, Ashburn!

The children will have their own little passports, Ms. Heather calls them “mini emergence” Once the children understands and grasp the concept of  where they are. Than we will start to spread ourselves out and we will go into more of our global community. Every month we will go to a different continent, and every week in that month we will visit a different country. Not only discussing where our home is, but where it is we can venture to!

Doesn’t this sound like a great way for your child to spend their day? Learning by traveling and visiting different countries every week? We think so too! Find out more about the Montessori programs at our Preschool in Ashburn by scheduling a tour! You can also follow us on Facebook and get daily picture updates of what we are up to!