Making Footprints in Coffee Dough At Our Preschool in Ashburn!

Learning about Botany and Life Cycles at our

Learning about parts of a plant!
Learning about parts of a plant!

Preschool in Ashburn!

During the month of April our preschool in Ashburn will learn about botany, with special focus on: the structure of a plant and flower, the life cycle of a butterflies and Earth Day.  Most of all we will ask a lot of questions, like “How flowers use the stem as straws?” “How to help the earth and how the earth helps us?” “Where can we find the Mayan ruins?” And “What are worry dolls?”

This month Center Stage is traveling to Central America. Which of the countries will we visit this time? The students will explore the exciting and beautiful countries of Costa Rica, Jamaica, Belize and finally Mexico! Read more about the other countries and cultures Center Stage have explored thus far!!

Making footprints in "coffee dough"
Making footprints in “coffee dough”

Center Stage’s First Stop, Costa Rica!

As we wander through the rainforest to explore new beginnings, we will experience all the new life that spring brings. Searching for butterflies, birds and frogs that come in a rainbow of colors!  Did you know that there is such a thing as a rainbow tree? Well now you do! The students from our Preschool in Ashburn are going to go on an expedition to find the amazing Rainbow Eucalyptus tree! The student will trace their shapes on the forest floor. Searching everywhere for all kinds of thing that starts with the letter “B”.  We will talk about the concept of “more”, “all” as well as continue working on simple addition.

Footprints in Coffee Dough!

"Jamaica me crazy" Rasta hair!
“Jamaica me crazy” Rasta hair!

As we proceed on our expedition through all the coffee farms, we will use some of the freshly ground coffee to make “Coffee Salt Dough”.  The kids will make footprints into the dough that represents all the different species of animals that you can find in Central America!

Maybe we can make time to do some yoga next to one of the beautiful waterfalls in Costa Rica!

Next stop Jamaica!!!

Doesn’t this sound like a great way for your child to spend their day? Learning by exploring and experience new things every day? We think so too! Find out more about our preschool in Ashburn programs by scheduling a tour today. Check out our Facebook page for more amazing pictures!


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