Every Kid Can Act

All kids act. Maybe they play make-believe or pretend to be their favorite super hero on the x-box, or even step into another world while reading harry potter books. Make believe is an important part of childhood. So while drama and acting might seem scary to your child, remember that acting is still playing! That’s exactly what we are all about here at Center Stage Preschool and After School Programs in Ashburn, VA.

Why act?

Acting releases stress, allows you to step into another world, and express yourself unrestrained.

Whether you begin acting in home videos when you were five, as a hobby, because you have to choose an arts elective, or because you have dreams of making it big, acting has something to offer everyone:

  • Self-expression
  • Social interaction
  • The opportunity to try new things
  • Gaining perspective
Introduce children to acting through improv

Improv is where a facilitator presents a scenario and role on the spot to the participant, who then has to perform the scene with no prior practice or knowledge of it.

As a parent, this is a fun and educational experience for your children. Try this at home!

Tell your child that you want them them to pretend to be a baby monkey experiencing the jungle for the first time. Or, have them show you what it would look like to walk into a bank and have them hold their money; where you can play the role as the teller.

The child will think this “game” is always exciting because the scenario and roles can be changed daily. Creating environments that mimic real life situations helps equip the child for future encounters and gives them the confidence to execute these encounters with ease. Improv can be done at home or why you are waiting at the doctors office. This is also a great activity to use in a daycare center, with friends, or when you need a structured activity in your daily routine.

Kids generally will excel when encouraged and provided with opportunities to do so. Acting doesn’t have to a be a perfect equation like mathematics. It can be expressive, unique, and individualistic. Each kid can have a different acting style and they all be good.

Some children like to focus on their body movements and expressions while others narrow in on their passion in saying the lines. The different approaches are what make acting interesting and entertaining. That is also why there are different roles. Roles are designed to express a different characteristic for each one provided. Children have the option of trying new perspectives, facial expressions, and voices that expand the imagination.

Incorporate acting into a daily routine

Beginning to incorporate acting into a child’s daily routine takes as little as five minutes. See where it works best for your schedule and where the child is most willing to participate. Don’t choose a time when your child may be hungry, tired, or over stimulated to begin a new experience; such as meal times, nap time or right after a playdate with a friend.

Use a favorite scenario the child has already shown interest in with a role the child is familiar with to start. As the child becomes more acquainted with the exercise begin introducing new scenarios and more complex roles. The child will pick it up quick and you will be amazed as you watch your child’s mind unfold in their acting.

See what the fuss is about

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