From the Front Lines of the First Few Weeks of Preschool

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The first few weeks of school have been super eventful, and I’m sitting here on my sofa,
thinking. Wanna know some of my Director thoughts? I hoped you would, And guess what?
They’re in bullet points, because I think in bullet points. Don’t all Preschool Directors?

*Preschool is hard!! 
Hard for parents to trust a new school. Hard for kids to feel safe at a new school for the first time
in 2 years. Hard for Educators to know how to meet the needs of these very important people
groups – parents and students.

*Preschool is important!! 
Important for our students. This 3-6 age range is critical for developing minds.
Important for parents to establish boundaries with their children.
Important for our Educators! If it’s not your calling, keep on walking! It has to be your passion.
It’s a lot!

*This week has been hard and important! Center Stage Preschool loves our students.  We are
parent partners and child advocates but that doesn’t mean we don’t have hard weeks.

Checking out our
“medical center”

Check out this recap…
1 bee sting.
1fire alarm pull.
The fire alarm was pulled accidentally, but it caused the appearance of:
2 fire trucks and 15 firemen!

2 clogged toilets (this had nothing to do with the 15 firemen, I promise).

3 children threw up (this had nothing to do with the clogged toilets I also promise…at least I hope not).

1 surprise Health Department inspection. We passed of course! Insert celebratory happy dance.

257 emails and parent communications! 
57 phone calls. 
8 school tours. 
8 amazing staff members whom I adore! 
45 children having fun and loving to learn!

 Preschool isn’t boring! EVER!! It’s exciting and hard. But Preschool is so rewarding! We plan
on having a wonderful year! By my calculations, we’re off to a great start! 

Warm Regards, 

Heather Carboneau