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  • Certified Montessori Teacher, Mother of 2 beautiful girls with 7 years of preschool experience and 6 Years World Wide Educational Theater Tour

  • Achievements

    • Certified Montessori Teacher ( Anticipated Achievement April 2015)
    • 7 years preschool experience
    • 6 year World Wide Educational Theater Company Tour
    • Certified Dental Assistant
    • Certified Cosmetologist
    • Speaker/Artist Personal Assistant
    • Stage Director
    • Character Development Coach
  • Countries / Territories of Operation

    • United States
    • Alaska
    • Mexico
    • London
    • Scotland
    • Sweden
    • Italy
    • Germany
  • Educational Focus programs and initiatives

    • Building Self Esteem
    • Conflict Resolution
    • Drug awareness
    • Stranger Danger
    • Good Citizen
    • Anti-Bulling campaign
    • English as a Second Language
  • Through work shops, conferences, improve and dramatic play I saw first hand the indisputable value of letting the children play. It is my personal belief after working with children from diverse backgrounds and cultures that our main job as educators is to inspire not force. I was able to observe children from all walks of life. Through my years of travel I started to see a golden thread woven through the tapestry of this world’s children. It mattered not if the children were rich or poor, from the jungles or inner cities, they all wanted to play, be known, invested in and enjoyed. Children learn while they play. We must encourage and provide healthy safe environments were children are able to explore and concentrate on life skills as well the world around them. I have become increasingly concerned for our youth. With a growing number of children becoming attached to technology and online devises the latest research is showing that our children’s brain development is being hindered and rewired. The most important learning and development phase is from birth to six years. It is in this phase that children absorb their environments and lay the life long foundations of future academicians, attitudes towards learning and social responsibility. I feel we have a responsibility to the children to treat them with respect and value by providing a beautiful organized environment where discovery and creative play is encouraged. For our children to become respectful citizens and leaders of their world we must guide them through this crucial developmental phase by inspiring our children to develop healthy imaginations, self esteem and respect for others. In my middle thirties a culmination of my travel experiences,parenthood, world view, and preschool career set the backdrop of this idea that children learn best while they play. It was revolutionary turning point for me and changed my approach to parenting and teaching. Fortunately there was already a 100 years of research supporting my great”AHA” moment. As I sifted through years of research, I found that I was a little late to the party.In fact, Dr. Maria Montessori had spent her life observing and researching early childhood education. Dr.Montessori’s finding are as relevant today as they were 100 yrs ago. Her radical approach to teaching is the foundation to early childhood development. Her methods, practices and learning materials have not been changed or improved. Educators are still inspired as they implement Dr.Montessori’s timeless methods. I consider it an honor to bring this Montessori approach to the Ashburn community. Center Stage Academy is committed to creating a healthy,safe,diverse environment where children are encouraged to explore and learn at their own pace. Using the Montessori approach with a special focus on fine arts we believe that our curriculum will help your children fall in love with learning Center Stage treats each child as an individual while maintaining a rich environment of diversity and respect. Helping your child develop their own unique best self is at the center of our academies goals and objectives. Our teachers are guides, trained to model respect and tenderness. Our class rooms belong to the children not the teachers. All the furniture and learning materials are created just for them, instilling a since of pride and ownership of the classroom. Center Stage is strictly a tech-free environment. We have purposely eliminated distractions and undo stress allowing the children the freedom to create, observe and discover without interruptions. “Play is the work of children” Maria Montessori Thank you and I look forward to your visit, Heather Carboneau Center Stage Director

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