The Honesty And Hilarity Of Our Center Stage Students!

We All Know Kids Say The Darnedest Things!


Due to the fact that kids have little to no internal social filter in combination with their honest nature, they will say just about anything! Much to the surprise of our parent and Center Stage teachers! Whether the students are asking tough questions about life or just having a chat with their friends or toys. We have captured an array of gems throughout this past year. Anything from hilarious to heartwarming, wise to totally random, and crazy to rather embarrassing. 

We asked our teachers at Center Stage to come up with the funniest thing their students have said to them. We were astounded at how comical the students were! Some of the things the students said were extremely truthful while other things were just plain funny. Some of the students’ phrases came across as strange or maybe even a bit confusing. 

Center Stage Students’ And Their Deep Thoughts!

Let’s look back over the past year, and the funny things the students said. Get ready to smile or maybe even laugh out loud!

  • “Ms. Heather, are you going to die here?”
  • “Come on (hands on hips), she doesn’t know everything. She’s not SANTA!!”
  • “Ms. Heaver, could you pwease we-cap the new pwaygwound wules. Pwease!”
  • “I don’t feel like preschooling today!”
  • “How come you don’t like digging in the dirt? That’s weird!”
  • “Hey, guess what? UMMMMMM…..I forgot!”
  • “Aaaaaaaaah! Ummmmmmm ………. he just called me a Banana!”
  • (Child pulls up on his hot wheel) “You know, sometimes kids are gansta!” (and drives away)
  • “I love your teeth. They are really big!”
  • “Who’s mom are you?” (Asking a teacher in sunglasses)
  • (Child talking to a teacher) “When is your mom picking you up?”
  • “Taking naps is for babies!” (and child promptly falls asleep right after)
  • “I’m not a vegetawian…….. I am a sugatawian”
  • “What kindness degree do you have? There are 3 kinds, I think you have the biggest!”

We love being a part of these students’ lives! To see things through their eyes for the first time, asking a lot of question and to watch them follow their curiosity. I think most of all they have shown us to just enjoy the little things in life!

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