The Importance Of Summer Camp

Everyone needs a break from the norm

It’s a wonderful thing to press hard all year to reach your goals and to grow in new subjects and activities and achievements. At Center Stage preschool, my teachers take the summer off. It’s a challenge to stay open as a preschool without my amazing lead teachers. But, honestly it’s a pleasure to give them a much needed summer off. The summer break gives them a chance to rest and refresh. It also gives them space to plan, dream, and set new goals for themselves and their new students.

As for the students, summer camp gives them a chance to relax, have fun, and to explore new and interesting subjects. I plan my summer on a thematic calendar. We hit subject such as Under the Sea, or Outer Space, Pirates and Princesses, and Animal Planet. Within these themes a lot of learning can be done. We spread these subjects out over Fine Arts, Performing Arts, and a whole lot of singing and dancing.

I have an amazing Summer Staff

My summer staff of talented college students love children as well as the Fine Arts and Performing Arts. There’s something so amazing about a teacher who’s younger than your parents but older than you. A summer job gives the staff an opportunity to spread their wings and investigate new aspects of employment as well as grow in their own professional development. In many cases I am their first boss as well as their first supervisor. I’m proud to say that my summer staff come back to me every year and we are so lucky to have them!

As for the students, being able to do some new and fun things with fresh new excited teachers gives them a whole new environment to explore as well as discover new aspects of their own personalities and abilities.

I’m always amazed at how the environment of the preschool changes as we start our summer program. It’s preschool with a twist. I decided to keep our daily schedule the same because our students crave routine and feel safe within a familiar environment. We keep the learning strong to retain all that was gained through the year, as well as introduce subjects on a more informal platform.

I think it’s important that everyone gets a break, grows within themselves, adopts the ability to transition between different subjects, and learns to work with different types of people. In the end I would say summer camp prepares our students for a fabulous new curriculum year.

Thank you,

Ms. Heather


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