Introducing our Newest Ashburn Preschool Staff Member – Tiresa Mohamed

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New team member at Asburn Preschool

Hello Center Stage Preschool families!

Tiresa Mohamed here – I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a large majority of you at the Ashburn Preschool, but for those of you that don’t do drop-offs or pick-ups at the preschool, I may not have had a chance to introduce myself, so we thought we’d do a blog post to tell you all a little bit about myself!

Ashburn Karate family photosDid you know I’m Canadian?! I’ve been in the states for 12 years this summer, and we’ve been in Ashburn for a year now. I love the Northern Virginia area, and as a Canadian, I’m a huge hockey fan so it’s great being in a hockey town again! We most recently moved from Georgia, and we were in Omaha Nebraska before that.

I am excited to be Center Stage Ashburn Preschool‘s newest staff member! I love kids, big ones and small ones – I have two boys myself, who are 5 and 3! I have a lot of experience working with kids, I’ve been in non-profit work for 20 years now, most of that working with children and families. Most of my experience is working with at risk populations; a majority of my time has been working within child welfare, and the rest has been in homeless services. I’ve been very lucky to have taken the last few years off to be home with my kiddos. Some other fun facts: I play guitar (very poorly) and I’m an avid photographer.

I found Center Stage in a very round about way – I met Don Alley and his Super Kicks Karate team at an event where they were making balloon swords and letting people know about their awesome Karate school. We signed up on the spot and have been doing karate as a family since July of 2017. We are currently blue belts and I think I like going more than they do (and they love it), we enjoy having an activity we can do as a family. Mr. Alley mentioned there was a position open at Center Stage and I jumped on the opportunity, because the school’s mission and vision for child care and education is so closely aligned with mine – a balance of learning through play, arts crafts and creativity, coupled with a strong academic program, rooted in a Montessori approach to education. I have a lot to learn over the next few weeks! Please feel free to remind me of your name, and your kiddo’s name, when I see you – it’s more helpful than you know!!

I’m so excited to be here and am looking forward to getting to know you all!

Tiresa Mohamed