To Be or Not to Be a Kindergartner and Center Stage Preschool.

Matching the upper case letter to it's lower case friend.
Matching the upper case letter to it’s lower case friend.

Who knew that choosing to opt in or out of kindergarten could be so difficult!

How to choose a school for your child to assure their success. Your school choice will have an effect on your child’s social and academic development. That could be a tricky situation for kindergarten parents in Loudoun County. You may have to choose between half day kindergarten at the public school, homeschooling or a full day kindergarten program at a private school.

Center Stage Preschool have some exciting possibilities for all those parents, and facing the dilemma of the limited options available for all the half day kindergartners. Most of all, working parent who have a child in a half day kindergarten program, struggles with the transition part. Going to various after school day care programs everyday. Most families do not realize, you do not have to shuffle your child between school and day care. Rather have your child engage in a structured full day program that will help them stay on target for success. Read more about how children are like sponges at the ages between 3 and 6 year old. Absorbing knowledge through observation and interaction with adults and peers.

Now the question is, “To be or Not to be a kindergartner?”

Let’s explore the options! Being a kindergartner in Loudoun County or opting out of kindergarten and participating in Center Stage Preschool’s full day program.

  1. The more time your child spends in an structured classroom setting, as a result will better their chances for academic success.
  2. While your child will learn the basics, like reading, writing, and math in half day kindergarten. For a kindergartner with limited hours of education and play time, the transition to first grade can be demanding. Center Stage Preschool’s full day program for 4 and 5 years old, gives them the opportunity to be competent in school and in social environments.
  3. In the half day kindergarten classes, kids are among peers, and yet lack time to play and interact with peers. Children need playtime to help with their social and emotional growth.
  4. The main advantage of a full day program is that it does not drain your child,  due to rushing through a half day school and transitioning to some after care program.
Interactive learning through exploration.
Interactive learning through exploration.

Center Stage Preschool offers a Full Day Program for 4 and 5 Years Old!

Loudoun County is one of the fastest growing counties in America, and one of the most affluent. Therefore we need a more accelerated academic program for community progress. At Center Stage Preschool, we believe that a full day program is the answer for today’s academically challenged schools.

We want to make a difference in the way your child experience school! If you are interested in getting started in Center Stage or taking a tour, click on the link here, and schedule a time to come in! Center Stage…preschool classes in Ashburn that are making a difference for parents! Visit our Facebook page to see what we are up to!


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