Letter From Our Center Stage Director!

Students learning to be team players!

Dear Parents,

We are nearing the end of school year I want to send out a big thank you to all of our families. As a Director, I could not have asked for better families or more amazing kids! I know I can speak for all of my teachers when I say “We truly adore your children” Our hearts get touched by these children, and they make us laugh everyday. They teach us as much as we teach them. “How many of you wish your co-workers would share, be kind or play well with others?” Teaching social skills one also have to be the example of good social skills.

Learning The True Meaning Of Kindness!

Creating new characters!
Creating new characters!

People who know me best may not described me (Ms. Heather) as kind or patient. Usually I get tagged as tough, funny, opinionated or hard working but almost never “kind” Being a Director demands that I be kind and thoughtful. Seeing your children welcome a new student, share a glue stick or hug a friend who is upset, as a result I have learned from them the true meaning of kindness. Even more amazing, is that your children are showing care for others, because you as parents are doing such great jobs at home. All I can say is “Thank you!” Together, I believe we are sending pretty awesome people into the world! This world needs more kind and thoughtful people.

Partnering With Stone Bridge High School’s Senior Capstone Project!

We are finishing out this year strong! Center Stage Preschool has been chosen to host Stone Bridge High School’s senior Capstone Project. Most of all we are honored to host these talented, crazy smart teens for the next few weeks. Furthermore the Capstone Project gives the senior students a chance to give back to the community in tangible ways. While the Capstone students are participating with Center Stage, they are expected to show up on time everyday and contribute to our preschool in positive ways. The students will be observed and supervised by their teacher sponsors as well as our staff.

All the seniors will be in Center Stage T-Shirts so they can be easily identified. Here are some noteworthy points I’d like to cover. These students are not teachers while they are at Center Stage, they will only assist our teachers. The Capstone kids will not be counted as teachers in our student/teacher ratios. At no time will a Capstone aid be alone with our students or help with bathroom duty. Just so we are all clear and on the same page.

Center Stage Is Getting Involved In The Ashburn Community!

The children have a voice and a choice in real time, through pretend play.
The children have a voice and a choice in real time, through pretend play.

Most exciting thing about the Capstone Project is that it allows Center Stage to be involved with our community as well as helps these seniors give back to the younger kids. Now the most crazy exciting part for me is… Most of these Capstone Kids are DRAMA kids! Yes, the drama kids that just won STATES are coming here to run theater workshops with our kids! We are in final plans now, but I believe we are going with a Disney theme. They will cover props, sets, costumes, songs, dance and stage work! As a result there will be something for everyone! Oh, my word I just can’t even tell you how awesome this is!

Finally, I don’t want to spoil everything for you, but we will have a few “end of year” surprises. OK, maybe one hint… Let’s just say all the parents will get to see the product of all of our hard work. More details to come I think that’s good for now. I hope you all are having a wonderful day and I will write again soon!

Warmest Regards,

Ms. Heather

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