Making Jungle Slime at Our Ashburn Preschool!

Making Jungle slime!

A place of “YES” let’s give it a try!

Getting their hands "dirty"!
Getting their hands “dirty”!

There are so many fun and exciting ways of incorporating Sensory and Practical Life skills into any curriculum unit. At our Ashburn Preschool, we are firm believers in getting our hands messy. In a world, full of, “Don’t make a mess!”. I tend to want to buck the system and make our preschool world a place of “YES” let’s give it a try. Our Jungle Slime project is a perfect example of hands on learning! It is amazing to watch the children’s eyes light up as they make new discoveries. Learn more about how we engage the students’ sences through Practical Life and Sensory!

Involving the students in the entire process!

Some teachers may take the path of less mess and do the project in front of the class while asking probing questions. They might even let the children have a go at touching the finished slime or create a center where they can investigate the goo further. Here at our Ashburn Preschool we know that a child’s play is their work so we involve them in the entire process.

Jungle Slime
Jungle Slime

Visiting the Amazon Rainforest at Our Ashburn Preschool!

The students get to see how three separate substances make something completely different when mixed together. Now we can see how measuring, mixing, pouring and stirring help the slime become more “slimier”. The teachers then allow each child to pick a color and glitter to make each child’s slime unique. I wish you all could hear the laughter and glee that fills the preschool as the children work on their own EWWY-GOOEY Jungle Slime! It is truly priceless.

Our teachers wrap the Amazon unit up with a fun hands on project. While the children are elbow deep in slime the teachers review the learned Amazon fun facts about its people, habitats, culture, food and textiles. What a fabulous way to solidify our unit in a project that won’t soon be forgotten. Learning is awesome when you get to make a mess!

Doesn’t this sound like a great way for your child to spend their day? Learning by exploring and experience new things everyday? We think so too! Find out more about our Ashburn Preschool programs by scheduling a tour! You can also follow us on Facebook and get daily picture updates of what we are up to!


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