Diversity in Our Ashburn Preschool

Every Wednesday, Center Stage Preschool director Heather Carboneau will go over aspects of the global awareness element of our Ashburn preschool.

The Kids at Our Ashburn Preschool Learn to Value Diversity

This is a huge element of our Montessori preschool curriculum. We’re really excited about this and it comes from divergent thinking. Center Stage really wants to embrace all cultures that live here in Ashburn. There is such a rich melting pot of different cultures in the Washington DC area. Center stage wants everyone, including our children, to understand that whoever you are, wherever you come from, and whatever language you speak, we all bring something valuable to the table.

Within our school community, the children from an early age will understand that we all may have come to the same right answer, but our journey getting there may have been vastly different. We feel this is incredibly valuable because we are teaching children to learn how to work well with others. Children learn that culture matters. Every month Center Stage will focus on a different country as a theme. Within that focus, we will talk about the foods they eat, dances they do, songs they sing, and we will have guest speakers who come to dinner. We will all sit down to a catered meal, to focus on that country’s native food. A speaker will share with us and the children what it is like to live in that country. Each child will get a passport, that will be stamped with each country we go over. Children will go on this cultural journey all year long with each other. We are all so excited to get the parents involved, as we have first generation families from all over the world in our Ashburn preschool. We want to emphasize to everyone, that everyone has a place to call home. Check us out next week when we focus on another element of our cultural awareness!


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