Montessori Life Skills At Center Stage

Every Tuesday Center Stage Preschool brings you our Montessori life skills segment. Explore part of our practical life skillws curriculum with Heather Carboneau. Today we will focus on the life skill of simply sweeping, and using a dust pan and broom. Cleaning, sweeping, and dusting are activities that are extremely easy for adults. These activities come naturally to us, but we did have to learn from somewhere in the beginning!

Exercising these simple activities through instruction, can improve a child’s dexterity, fine motor skills, and attention to detail. In this activity, teachers will simply tape a square to the floor, we will put a mark on the broom where the child’s hands go, then we will instruct or show how to sweep within the square. This is again, an example of correction of error, a huge part of the Montessori curriculum. The blue square is going to show exactly where we want the wooden blocks, or whatever we are sweeping up to go. The children feel very successful when they see they have successfully sweeped up, especially when teachers recognize their good job. Next, we will show how and instruct on how to use the dust pan & broom. All items are always to a child’s scale, and to their size. We will show them exactly what to do, how to sweep it in, and how to dump it in the right receptacle.

At Center Stage Preschool, we believe that this practical life skill is a great way for the children to become an amazing citizen in their environment, and their own classroom. They help take care of their environment, and they help take care of that classroom. Make sure to visit us at or find out more about Center Stage Preschool’s Montessori life skill approach in this blog post


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