Montessori Approach Preschool Ashburn VA for Children Ages 3-6

There is a lot that goes into our programs here at Center Stage Preschool in Ashburn, VA. Everything is carefully designed and chosen to facilitate your child’s learning. It is considered a “Prepared Environment”. This care applies not only to the learning environment and everything it contains but also to the children, teachers, and other adults with in the physical environment and it’s immediate surroundings.

montessori preschool ashburn va

An example of a Montessori “prepared environment” for children

Dr. Montessori believed that the prepared environment was integral to a child’s development. The Montessori environment is a child-centered community, designed to facilitate maximum independent learning and exploration. Within this environment the child experiences the blend of freedom and discipline to act and developed along the lines of his or her inner direction.

Within our prepared environment the children have the opportunity to live and work within the space that was custom-built just for them. The children find it’s so enjoyable to have tables, chairs, bowls, plates, cups and all the materials made to fit their little hands.

There are several components to a Montessori classroom that creates a successful learning environment for the children:

  1. The classroom must have child-size materials;
  2. The classroom must be furnished with real objects which are aesthetically pleasing and made of good quality;
  3. The classroom must have complete sets. At no time will a broken toy or lost piece remain on the curriculum floor.
  4. Whatever the child’s hands rest on will be set up for their enjoyment as well as enable them to fulfill the task completely. This gives the child and inner sense of a job well done.

The combination of order and having everything in its place brings a sense of joy to the child. Children this age crave consistency and order. The practical life activities instill the necessary framework within the child to be successful in his future academic learning and beyond!

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