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Practical Life Skills are Vital to the Montessori Preschool Curriculum

Practical life skills are an important part of Center Stage Preschool’s Montessori preschool curriculum in Ashburn, VA. Explore how we implement these skills with our preschool director, Heather Carboneau.

The Montessori Approach to Life Skills Works!

The Center Stage team is so very excited about this element of the Montessori approach, and we believe it is the most important element we have here at Center Stage. Research has historically shown, that if a child can dress themselves at a young age, they can also do better academically for the rest of their lives.

When you take the time to learn and master daily activities such as buttoning shirts, zipping your pants or putting on your coat…you are also using the same connectors you use to sit, learn, and read. When a child says they can do something for themselves, you have done something great as a parent. As Dr. Maria Montessori has said, you should never do something for a child, that the child can already do for themselves. Children will be engaging in practical life skills through dynamic, and fun activities or exercises. Your child will learn how to tie their shoes, button, and zip through engaging crafts. They will learn how to set the table, clean up after themselves, how to cut flowers, and even how to tie their own shoes.

Your children will bring all the skills they learn at Center Stage Preschool back home with them. Your children can accomplish new practical skills within a safe Montessori preschool environment, here at Center Stage Preschool in Ashburn.

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