Montessori Preschools in Asburn VA

Welcome to Center Stage Preschools in Ashburn VA! Our team is SO excited about our opening coming August 29th! Let’s take a moment and talk about our welcome center – an important part of our curriculum. Our welcome center really sets us apart from other preschools in Ashburn VA and helps explain why we do what we do!

How do you feel when you walk in the door to work each day, or get to your desk? You might have a special place you put your things, and certain people that you greet. While your office or workplace is your community – Center State preschool is your child’s environment. We want them to feel a sense of ownership here!


Heather Carboneau, director of Center Stage Preschool, talks about our Montessori-based Welcome Center:

As your child enters our Ashburn Preschool environment, they will be greeted by their teacher and assistant. Teachers will welcome your child in with a handshake, a “Good morning,” and a “How are you?” We truly feel that this really sets the tone for a child’s entire day. We want the child to know that they are invited into their pre school, and are a part of their community.

As your child walks in, they will find their own personal little cubby. Children can take off their jacket and put their belongings in their cubbies all by themselves. This will give your child a sense of ownership, lets them know that they are important, and that they have a place that is their own. This really gives all the children a chance to be a citizen within their own environment.

These simple yet important skills will help prepare your child for kindergarten, and the rest of their lives. Your child will feel comfortable, in an environment where self sufficiency is highly promoted.

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