Montessori Cultural Preschool Curriculum

Every Wednesday, Center Stage Preschool brings you our cultural segment. Today, we will be exploring our children’s passports with Heather Carboneau, the director at center stage preschool in Ashburn. Here at Center Stage Preschool, our children will be on a year long “staycation”. Each month, our school and teachers are are going to focus on a different culture and a different country. We really want to immerse ourselves, and our children in these different cultures, to help spread awareness and acceptance. Together, we will all explore what the people of those nations do, what kind of cultural foods they eat, songs that they sing, and overall how they express who they are uniquely.

Each child will have their own individual passport made, and every time we go on the journey your child’s passport will be stamped. By the end of the year they will be able to see all the beautiful places they’ve been this year, and will be able to explore those places and perhaps even teach their parents a new fact. Ashburn Virginia is full of so many diverse, and different cultures. Our classroom strives to show that no matter where you come from, or came from, you always have something valuable to bring to the table. Make sure to visit us at or learn more about our Montessori Curriculum in this blog post. Check out our Facebook page for more pictures!


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