Google Review – We Love Hearing From Our Rock Star Parents!

One of our rock star parents wrote a very sweet review on Google. We sincerely appreciate all these kind words! We are so thankful that our parents trust us with their precious little ones! Learn more about how we stay connected on a daily basis with our Montessori preschool, Ashburn parents!

Our Rock Star Parents!

All Aboard! Next stop Ginger Bread Town!
All Aboard! Next stop Ginger Bread Town!
 “Center Stage is led by Director Heather Carboneau who has been doing an amazing job at staffing the pre-school with exceptional teachers and communicating continuous updates with parents highlighting their child’s progress. Center Stage is a pre-school that follows the popular Montessori approach; however, they’ve changed it a bit to make it more practical and engaged in today’s world. What makes Center Stage great and unique is that they have a team that really cares. They truly take a personal approach with every child they have. We put our son in Center Stage two months ago and have been very pleased on the progression that he has made so far. What we appreciate the most is that the teachers are very honest. They will tell you the truth where your child’s strengths are and his/hers areas of improvement. As a team, they will then work diligently to make those improvements and have a curriculum that will keep the child highly engaged. We could clearly tell that Heather and her team are very passionate about early education and child development. Center Stage truly has a unique curriculum and approach compared to your usual pre-school or ‘daycare’. They really strive for the best. Thank you Center Stage! Keep on rocking!”
Creating fun environments for our children to explore their own imaginations!
Creating fun environments for our children to explore their own imaginations!

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So how about you? Are you looking for a unique approach to education? Are you familiar with the benefits of a Montessori approach classroom? If you are interested in getting started in Center Stage or taking a tour, click on the link here, and schedule a time to come in! Our Montessori preschool, Ashburn are making a difference for our children! You can also check out our Facebook page for more amazing pictures!


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