Playground Environment is an Extended Classroom

Gone are the days when we let our children out to run off steam, only to have them come back inside and sit down for the last half of their day to concentrate. Here at Center Stage Preschool our playground environment is an extended classroom. We have created interesting dynamic environments that incorporated many different components of play and exploration. Check out this great article from GreatKits highlighting the importance of play in preschools.

Statistics show that child development benefits from naturalization in a playground. This means that the Playground has diverse play opportunities that support social interaction and physical development on a wide range. Our playground environments are surrounded by natural elements, growing grass,plant boxes and trees for shade. We are so excited about our play environment as it really promotes inclusive play.

Inclusive play is so important.  It simply means that the gender, culture, language or ability of the child will not play a factor on whether or not the child can participate on the playgrounds activities.  Regardless of who you are or where you come from we can all have so much fun together!  Isn’t that what it’s all really about?  So let’s go outside and play!!

Watch Your Child Take Center Stage In Their Learning