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Today I’d like to go over two topics. The benefits of playing outside and the pros of building a natural playground. Read more about our playground environment!

Outdoor play time at our Ashburn summer camp!
The rock can be a pirate ship or maybe we are at the base of a volcano having to hop from rock to rock to escape from the hot flowing lava.

Let’s go over the actual act of playing outside and how it affects your child. Playing outside stimulates the imagination. It gives children a chance to develop problem-solving skills in a way that no two-dimensional device ever could.

Here at Center Stage Ashburn, children learn to work with their hands, judge whether or not they can hop from one rock to the other. Everyone knows the important skill of hopping rocks to avoid being burned by lava. I’m happy to share that the skill of rock hopping has served me well in my 45yrs!

Building a Strong Immune System

Being outside builds up the children’s immune systems. Research shows that children who are raised in or around a farm are generally more healthy than those who mostly play inside. We have fooled ourselves into thinking that dirt is harmful when just the opposite is true. Coming into contact with dirt, animals or bacteria helps our kids build a strong immune system and thus keeps them healthier through the year.

Next, the obvious benefit of playing outside is the exercise and well-being of the whole child. Riding bikes, skateboarding, swimming, and going on hikes is so much fun! Children tend to use all of their fine and gross motor skills while playing without ever thinking about it. Breathing in the fresh air is good for the lungs and for the brain.

Students develop people and problem-solving skills while having free play outside
Students develop people and problem-solving skills while having free play outside

Developing People and Problem-Solving Skills Through Playing

My favorite benefit of outdoor play is developing keen social skills. Children who play outside and have unstructured playtime tend to develop more patients for their peers. Not everyone can be first on the big slide. Learning to take turns and developing collaborative play skills, are just two of the people skills we all need to learn and grown in.

Playing outside also helps increase attention span. Children who play outside tend to have self-directed problem-solving skills. Studies also show that green outdoor settings appear to help with ADHD symptoms. Children are drawn to being outside and crave the freedom to investigate the natural world around them.


Now, I must come clean. I’m outdoorsy in that I don’t mind drinking my coffee on patios. I prefer the comforts of a bug-free A/C environment. But with all of this solid research, we can not turn a blind eye to the outdoor benefits. Playing outside really does help our children grow strong and healthy both mind and body. That’s why Center Stage Preschool finds creative ways to get our students to embrace the outdoors.

Let’s all agree to put down our devices, turn off the TV and go outside and play! As my mom would tell me when I was underfoot in the kitchen, “GO PLAY”. What she really meant was go outside and let me cook dinner.

Come on, let’s go outside and play!

What a great way for your child to spend their day! Learning problem-solving skills by exploring and playing! Find out more about our programs by scheduling a tour today. You can also visit our Facebook page to see what we are up to every week!


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