Practical Life Skills for Ages 3-6

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Maria Montessori considered practical life activities to be fundamental to a child’s development. It also happens to be one of our absolute favorite centers at Center Stage Ashburn!

We get to set tables, wash dishes, cut and place flowers, decorate and so many more practical life activities. The classroom belongs to the student and this is in effect their home for the day. The children take care of their home and maintain its upkeep. This technique shows the children in a very real way what a job well done is enjoyed and admired by all.

Tasks such as peeling vegetables, raking leaves, or pouring water into drinking glasses helps build fine motor skills. These tasks also instill a strong work ethic! Practical life activities are the first activities our teachers present to children in the 3 to 6 years environment. One reason for this is that children can easily understand the meaning behind these activities and feel the value of a job well done when the task is completed.

Everyday activities, Practical Life Skills

Setting the table

Pouring Water

Developing fine motor skills

Maria Montessori discovered the value of practical life activities when she first began working with the children at the Casa Dei Bambini. Maria had observed that the children were highly interested in the activities they had observe the adults engaging in like preparing meals, setting tables, clearing and cleaning tables, polishing silver and so on. Participating in these activities satisfied the children’s need for disciplined work and their natural desire to learn.It is in our practical life center where we instill good work ethics, build relationships, and find our niche and our own exciting environment.

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