You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too!

What is best…traditional Preschool or Montessori? My answer is absolutely both!  So many people are willing to die on a certain hill that is just one of the many building blocks of higher education. 

I love Montessori. If there’s one person, I could somehow have lunch with, it would be Maria Montessori. Her concepts are timeless and centered around child development.  It is my opinion that the Montessori environment is one of the best environments for play based learning as well as independence within children between the ages of two and six years old. 

Having said that I also believe that Montessori alone can make for a hard transition for children going from Montessori preschool into traditional kindergarten environments.

A smooth transition into kindergarten needs to include concepts the student will encounter in grade school.  It is one thing to build a school curriculum based on the toddlers’ needs and quite another to not ready them for their next steppingstone of education.

That’s an important part of my job at Center Stage Preschool. To create a school with a prepared environment that’s inviting, exciting and spurs imagination. I also want to ease the children into concepts that create self-esteem and independence. 

The next important part of a preschool is to prepare an environment that allows the children to grow into collaborative play. This also includes ”group think”. How can we as a group solve a problem together? Can we include everyone’s ideas and build a community of strong thinkers who work well together? I say YES! Center Stage Preschool says YES!

I hear the educators who are sold on Montessori. I hear those who are committed to traditional preschool. I also hear teachers who are all about sight words or phonics. Am I wrong to believe that all of these concepts have importance? Don’t we need to be balanced within every child’s education?  Sight words are amazing, but we also need to teach a child how to decode a word. Independence and self-esteem are the building blocks of healthy people but we also need to learn to work well together.

I haven’t even mentioned how every child is different and has a different way of learning and mastering concepts. That’s an entirely different blog post, I think. Be on the lookout for that one!

So, I say let them eat cake or let them have their cake and eat it too or teach them to make cake…I mean basically, we all just want cake!😁

Warm Regards,

Heather Carboneau


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