Protect the IMPORTANT, Not the Weak

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protect the important

You’re super special…just like everyone else!

Have you ever wanted to broadcast a PSA about your pet peeve? I’ve got several.

🗣️ “Pick up up after your dogs!!!” Or 🗣️ “Put away your shopping carts!!!”

Or my personal favorite…

🗣️ “LEARN HOW TO MERGE!!! For the love of all that is holy!!!”

As a Director and Educator, my PSA would be different, though:  “I guide and protect the IMPORTANT, not the weak!” From this statement I will not back down. This IS the hill I will die on. 

Please hear me out and allow me to explain. Caregivers who remove every obstacle from a child’s path, risk hindering their growth and development. Every child needs the adults in their life to agree on boundaries, goals, and consequences. 

I recently had an interaction with a parent. Their child was having trouble adjusting to a new school environment. This is totally normal and expected. I was speaking with the parent about our goals and a plan of action. I could feel their defenses go up. They were deflecting and not hearing. Now, it’s my job as a Director to hear through this defense and get to the important truths. “How can we as a preschool partner with you as a family?”

My belief is that every human must struggle and stumble in order to learn and grow. We are all special! Our children deserve a team of people who love them and want what’s best for their lives. 

Let’s come together for the children. Instead of placing blame for normal behaviors, come together as educators and caregivers to set strong boundaries, expectations, and consequences.  When all the adults agree and stand together, the child feels safe to explore and grow. This is extremely important for teachers, coaches, and parents who are co-parenting.

Remember, we are influencing a child’s life. Children need to know we all believe in them and
expect great things for their lives! 

Let’s stand together to protect the IMPORTANT not the weak. 

Warm Regards,  
Heather Carboneau